Adobe Photoshop CS6

Introductory level

The Adobe Photoshop environment:
Controlling the workspace
The screen layout
Navigation and zoom shortcuts


Working with selections:
What are selections, and why are they useful?
Creating selections using the Marquee tools
The Lasso tools
The Magic Wand and Quick Selection tools
Adding to or deleting from selections
Saving and loading selections

Cropping and rotating an image


Fixing problem images:
Using Levels to fix tone range
Using Curves to fix contrast
The Clone Stamp and Heal tools
Shadow and highlight adjustments
Fixing colour with Variations
Hue and saturation controls
Blurring and sharpening filters


Painting and retouching Images:
Creating, saving and loading custom colours

The Paintbrush tools

Creating and using new brushes
Digital darkroom techniques
Creating and editing gradients


Working with layers:
Layers and selections
The Transform commands
Building layered compositions

Merging layers
Applying transparency
Basic layer blending modes
Adding text layers
Adjustment layers
Special effects
Layer masks


Saving files:
Choosing the right colour mode
Adjusting resolution and image size
Cropping or enlarging the canvas
File formats
Optimising images for the web


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