Production For Print

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When graphic designer sends a job to a print shop the results are sometimes tragic. Colours have changed; images which looked bright and clear on-screen now look awful; type has reflowed, completely changing page layouts.


These problems and more are the things that make graphic designers wake up at 3am, biting their nails as they wonder what their work will look like when they get it back from the printer. This is a ridiculous situation. Deadlines make graphic design stressful enough, and none of us need this additional worry.

Production For Print grew out of a combination of 12 years experience in the printing industry both in the UK and USA, where I eventually became the production manager of one of the largest printers in north California, and 20 years experience as a freelance graphic designer (1990 - 2010).


When I began delivering training courses in London the idea to produce something specifically aimed at the gaps between printers and graphic designers gradually developed into my first book 'Getting It Right In Print', published in 2005 by Lawrence King Publishing in the UK and Harry N. Abrahams Inc. in the USA. It has since been translated into Spanish, German and Chinese.


As Production For Print it has now been completely updated and combines print-related information with the use of Adobe CS5 software, QuarkXPress 8 and more. It contains a host of new images to help explain the various processes involved and also contains an updated section dealing with the creation of faultless PDf files, both high-res for print and lo-res for web.


A copy of Production For Print is given to all delegates attending my digital repro course of the same name.


Student exercises, teaching notes and downloadable resources for use with Production For Print are now available on the Laurence King website.


Here's the table of contents:

1 The Evolution of an Industry
2 Four-Colour Printing Explained
3 Understanding Colour
4 Calibrating a Greyscale Image
5 Bitmaps and Pixel Depth
6 Calibrating Colour Images
7 Good and Bad Image Formats… and Others!
8 Resolution and Scanning
9 Trapping
10 Using Pantone Colours
11 Photoshop Tips and More
12 Preparing the File for the Printer


If you have any comments or questions about this book, please email me. I'll be happy to help.


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Last updated on June 29, 2013