Adobe InDesign CS6

Introductory level

Day 1 covers many of the things you can do with InDesign. In Day 2 delegates create an entire 4-colour brochure and output it as both a hi- and lo-res PDF.


Managing the InDesign workspace:
Zoom and scroll shortcuts
Setting up a new document
Working with rulers and guides

Using 'layers'


Working with the 'swatches' window:
The 'fill' and 'stroke' settings
Creating, using and editing solid colours
Creating, using and editing gradients
Adding and converting Pantone colours


Working with text:
Importing text
Creating new paragraph styles
Applying styles to text
Editing styles
Flowing text through multiple frames
Creating 'placeholder' frames
CS5 text options
The 'glyphs' window

Using the 'tab' command


Working with images:
The 'place' command
Resizing images and frames
Rotating objects
Using 'text wrap'
Managing object layers
Creating special effects
Shape and corner options


The 'pages' window:
Adding and deleting pages
Working with master pages
Creating automatic page numbering
Creating new numbering sections
Using multiple master pages


Managing multiple documents:
Templates and libraries
The 'book' option
Importing swatches
Using Adobe Bridge


Output from InDesign:
The 'preflight' window
Creating a lo-res PDF for web
Creating an interactive lo-res PDF
Creating a hi-res PDF for print


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Last updated on June 29, 2013