Adobe Illustrator CS6

Introductory level

The Adobe Illustrator environment:
Creating new documents for print or web
Managing a custom workspace
Navigation and scroll shortcuts
'Outline' and 'preview' modes
Using grids and guidelines
Using 'smart guides'

Working with colour:
Using the 'swatches' and 'colour' windows
Understanding 'stroke' and 'fill' attributes
Using the 'stroke' window
Gradients and patterns

Drawing in Illustrator:
Using the shape tools
Drawing with the line tools
Drawing with the pen tools
Pen tool shortcuts
Editing a drawn path
Understanding Bézier curves
Transforming tools
The 'warp tool' flyout
Symbols in Illustrator

Exercise: Creating a logo
Exercise: Drawing a tin can
Exercise: Drawing a spoked wheel

Images in Illustrator:
Importing images
Turning bitmap data into vector

Managing Illustrator objects:
Lasso select
The align and distribute commands
Using the 'group' and 'duplicate' commands
Hiding and locking layer objects
Using 'isolation mode'

Compund paths

Clipping masks

Text in Illustrator:
Adding 'point' type
Adding 'area' type
Adding type to a vector path
Spell check
Find and replace text
Creating type outlines

Outputting from Illustrator:
Saving Illustrator artwork
Defining a crop area
Exporting art in non-vector formats


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Last updated on June 29, 2013