Adobe Illustrator CS6

Advanced level

Advanced environment management:
Working with multiple artboards
The 'links' and 'actions' windows

Advanced drawing techniques:
Working with compound paths
The 'expand appearance' command
The 'attributes' window
The 'outline strokes' command
Creating and using graphic styles
Using 'envelope distort'
Using clipping masks
The 'live paint' colouring tools
The width tool
The shape builder
Setting up perspective grids
Transparency and opacity masks
3D shading with the gradient mesh tool

Creating custom brushes:
Calligraphy brushes
Scatter brushes
Pattern brushes
Art brushes
Bristle brushes

Using Live Colour:
Generating a colour group
Recolouring artwork with colour guides

Applying special effects:
3D effects: revolve, extrude and bevel, rotate
Advanced blending techniques
Photoshop effects in Illustrator

Advanced type features:
Creating character and paragraph styles
Horizontal and vertical scaling
Adding text to a vector path
Adding gradients to type

Saving and exporting:
Printing your artwork
Creating a PDF
Editing options for PDFs
Simulating multiple pages
Creating separations with spot colour
Exporting layers to Photoshop
Using 'release to layers' for web animations
Exporting for Adobe Flash (SWF)


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Last updated on June 29, 2013