For the past 30 years I have worked in the graphic design and commercial printing industries. I've been production manager of print shops in both the UK and California and have run my own graphic design studio since 1990. What I have found, all too often, is that:


1) Printers don't talk to graphic designers, and...
2) Graphic designers don't know that they should be talking to printers.


The result is often frustration, extra work, higher costs and less than perfect results.


If this sounds familiar, please take a look at my new book (published in September 2010) called Production for Print.


I've been delivering training courses since 2000 and now work with Academy Class, a great training company whose main office is right opposite Waterloo Station in London. Academy Class also has state-of-the-art training locations in Glasgow, Manchester, Cardiff, Newcastle and Birmingham.


If you'd like to attend one of my courses, have a question related to my book, would like to arrange consulting or want information regarding qualification as an Adobe ACA, please email me.


As well as all the above I still manage to find time for graphic design work. If you have a project you'd be interested in talking about, please contact me.


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